About us

Motherhood brings to a woman many changes, changes that are overwhelming yet exhilarating as she ventures into the biggest adventure of her life.

MaternityCot - an online shopping site with the sole purpose of catering to the needs of a mother - appreciates and understands the requirements of a mother on the go, and embraces these changes with a twist of style and the indulgence of comfort.

With that in mind, MaternityCot is proud to be the first in Singapore to offer Cantaloop, a premium range of maternity undergarments all the way from Europe. Cantaloop creates a bespoke range of intimate wear that includes nursing bras, support panties, and nifty tank tops to convey ease in everyday multi-tasking. Designed to flawlessly inspire practicality, Cantaloop products fit like a glove through basic elegance and distinctive versatility, ensuring comfort through assurance.

MaternityCot hopes to support women through the growing stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to breastfeeding, onwards towards cultivating a loving bond between a mother and her child, and we hope to start with you.